Your Thoughts: Joe Jonas' 'Single Ladies' Dance -- Was It Better Than Beyonce?

Finally, FINALLY, after months of begging, pleading, probably even some PRAYING on the part of Jonas Brothers fan, and Joe Jonas FINALLY did Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance yesterday. (Watch it here. Again.)

Now when I started watching it (after 17,000 people simultaneously sent it to me at once -- seriously, as I was watching it, it was IM'ed to me another 3,000 or so times), I was expecting just a few seconds of a couple shimmy shimmy shakes. But NO.  Noooooo. NOOOOOO. Joseph Adam Jpnas proved that he has, well, balls. Dude stepped OUT, Liza Minnelli style, in an old-school dance leotard and HEELS, revealed a pair of legs to rival Jay-Z's wife's, and, while he didn't fully memorize the lyrics to "Single Ladies," I think he went above and beyond the Beyonce call of duty, fully taking one for Team Jonas and their next album, Lines, Vines And Trying Times, out June 16. (So SOON! Yet... NOT SOON ENOUGH!) I totally admire that kind of dedication and willingness to be humiliated for the sake of a good LOL.

So, was Joe Jonas' "Single Ladies" dance better than Beyonce's? Um, no. Are you kidding? Beyonce ROCKED that almost as hard as Gwen Verdon in the "Mexican Breakfast" original (though the Unk "Walk It Out" Fosse mash-up will always hold a special place in my heart, and I'd like to believe that Joe Jonas also based his dance off of that too.) But is Joe Jonas hiding harboring some secret Bob Fosse skills? MAYBE!

+ What did YOU think of Joe Jonas' "Single Ladies" dance? (Aside from "Awesome!" "Hilarious!" "OMJ!" and "DYING!") Should Joe go solo and go back to his Broadway roots and pursue a dance career? Stick to rock? Become Beyonce's backup dancer? Lemme know! Plus: Go behind the scenes of the Jonas Brothers' new "Paranoid" video!