New Video: This Providence, 'Letdown'

Let me warn you, before we get started, that if you click play on the video below, you're gonna be stuck with "Letdown" all day.

In their latest Buzzworthy interview, This Providence describe the new single as a "Sing-along, feel-good kind of thing, driving down the freeway with the windows down," adding later, "It's really fun to sing along to." Man oh man. They were NOT kidding. "Letdown" is a fist-pumper of an anthem with a hook so sharp that my co-workers have had to tell me to shut up three times today because I keep singing it under my breath. I don't even realize I'm doing it! It's like musical restless leg syndrome. Holy moly.

As I've mentioned before, "Letdown" -- like all of This Providence's singles -- is about falling for the wrong girl. The twist in this one is that it's you who's wrong for her. You're her "Letdown." Bummer, huh? But don't freak out, because the message here is that there are way worse things than finding out you've barked up the wrong tree. Like swine flu. And anyway, being a "Letdown" is just fine if you know how to convert the sting of rejection into frenzied overlapping bridges and orgasmic choruses. (Oh man, that chorus!)

Alright, you've been warned. Time to watch "Letdown." Are you ready?