Jonas Brothers Take You Behind The Scenes Of 'Paranoid'

You've now watched the Jonas Brothers' new "Paranoid" video -- directed by The Malloys, who also directed "Burnin' Up" -- more times than you've watched the New Moon trailer. You've memorized every subtle nuance, every time Nick runs his hands through that perfect head of hair, and you've even determined that you have a favorite Kevin of the many Kevin Jonases! You're FREAKING OUT!

Now freak out over this: Buzzworthy's got two behind-the-scenes video clips of the Jonas Brothers on the set of their "Paranoid" video!

Watch Kevin, Joe, and Nick intro their "Paranoid" video, and then watch some raw, real production footage taken of the Jonas Brothers filming "Paranoid." (And yes, you've probably already seen the Jonas Brothers in a video similar to the first one, but why not watch it again? What else do you have to do today? Oh wait... No you haven't... Paranoid much?)


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