S+++ You So Need To Get: Taylor Lautner's 'Ladies Man' Shoes

So, Taylor Lautner was running around, all werewolf-y (uhh... spoiler?) in L.A. the other day -- probs getting ready to walk the red carpet at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards -- and he was spotted wearing a pair of slip-on low-cut wingtip boots by Auri Footwear. The name of the boots? And I'm seriously not even making this up here: "The Ladies Man." Yes. Really. Coincidence? DOUBT IT. If I were as hot as Taylor Lautner, I'd ONLY purchase stuff with hot-sounding names to match my jacked-up crazy hotness. When you're Taylor Lautner, you can do that. I mean, these boots might as well be named after him.

+ Watch Taylor, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson present the New Moon trailer (CGI JACOB!!!) at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards! Plus: check out Kristen Stewart/ Bella's Keds, and Robert Pattinson's underwear!