The Buzz On: Jeff Buckley's 'Grace Around The World'

There's no doubt in my mind that by now you've heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord. Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," a fragile opera originally by Leonard Cohen, is downright ubiquitous, popping up everywhere from The OC to your mom's car mix.

And, great as that ol' holy roller is, there's plenty more Jeff Buckley to love beyond "Hallelujah." The high-crooning set of heartbreakers on Grace, which surfaced around the same time that Radiohead hit it big, won Buckley legions of instant fans (among them Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and David Bowie) with their uncommonly delicate sweetness.

Tragically, the artist turned out to be as ephemeral as his melodies, and he slipped out of the world at 31, drowning in Tennessee's Wolf River before he even had a chance to really stretch his musical legs.

But talents this big die hard. Jeff Buckley's ever-expanding fan base, and his outrageously dedicated mother, have made sure that the lost genius lives on, spreading his songs wherever they go. Well, their mission got a whole lot easier, yesterday: with the release of a new CD/DVD compilation called Grace Around The World, Buckley's finest live material is now readily available to anybody who's interested.

The Deluxe Limited Edition release includes audio and video from multiple live performances, an unreleased documentary called Amazing Grace, a 24-page booklet, a 2-sided poster and, unbelievably, MORE.

+ Watch Jeff Buckley's timeless "Grace" video below, and see what's got everybody so worked up (if you don't know already).