Video Interview: Jack's Mannequin's 'Glass Passenger' Hits The Road

Last week, Jack's Mannequin mastermind Andrew McMahon rattled off five of his personal obsessions. We learned about his dog Doris, his Polaroid fetish and his unhealthy relationship with Eric Cartman.

This week, we invite Andrew back to Buzzworthy for another round of "The 5," -- and this time the focus is on his latest album, The Glass Passenger.

Though it's been in circulation since September, McMahon is still basking in the afterglow of his second record. A downright herculean effort, Passenger took a year and a half to record, and generated enough frustration to drive McMahon out of town. Literally. Halfway through the recording process, on a routine work trip to Vegas, the piano man got the travel bug and just kept driving. Two weeks later he'd crossed the United States, and had listened to his work-in-progress about 10,000 times. What did he learn on his odyssey? The record wasn't finished.

To find out what happened when he got home, and get more insight into The Glass Passenger's theme of fragility and mortality, watch the exclusive Buzzworthy interview below. After that, keep an eye out for next Jack's Mannequin single, "Swim," and track down California Choke, an original short film that comes with The Glass Passenger!