New Video: Daughtry, 'No Surprise'

Chris Daughtry and his band take a somber look at the state of small-town America in the dramatic video for first Leave This Town single, "No Surprise." The North Carolina native and his band dish up a slice of life, pointing out that the people on the unemployment lines are actually their neighbors, and it really hits home.

But, in the process of stirring up all that emotion, the video also kiiinda makes it look like the members of Daughtry are cursed. Joe Factory Worker is just pulling into work on a normal morning. Daughtry drives by, and Joe gets a pink slip. Cut to drummer Joey Barnes flirting with a waitress. He flashes her a wry smile, and before you know it, her boss is screaming in her face and pointing at the door. Later in the video she runs into guitarist Josh Steely on the street, just before discovering that her husband is nowhere to be found. Sounds a little fishy, right?

Of course it's not. Daughtry are just inserting themselves into everyday American problems to lend a little weight to their colossal new rocker, "No Surprise," directed by Nathan Cox. Between recession-inspired vignettes, the band slays on a U2 scale, blasting their message of hope from the top of a deserted quarry.

+ Watch the world premiere video for Daughtry's "No Surprise," and get psyched for Leave This Town, a collaboration with Richard Marx and members of Nickelback, OneRepublic, Lifehouse and The Click Five.