Video Diary: Keepin' Up With Mike Jones

Since the first day he got busy blowing up the Houston hip-hop scene, our dude on the mic has been answering the question, "Who is Mike Jones?" Answer: The title of his 2005 debut solo LP and it's the call-and-response chorus of signature jams "Flossin" and "Still Tippin."

Four years later (and eight deep in his rap career), Mike Jones has established himself as a grill-jockin' maven who has started everything from record labels to Cognac labels to children's charities. He'll probably still holler "WHO IS!" on every chorus, but by now, we all know the answer to Mike Jones' favorite question.

With that in mind, Buzzworthy posed a new one. We know who Mike Jones is, but what does Mike Jones do?

We caught up with the Houston hustla (aka "The Face Of The H," the mayor, the president) for an intimate interview in his car and asked him, "what do you do, pimp?" Here's what he told us:

"That's what I do on the regular. I work hard, I eat Subway, and I go to the studio and make hits."

Staying true to the "If you don't work you don't eat, you don't grind you don't shine" tattoo that rides down his right arm, the rapper made a quick exit and bounced to the studio where he and notorious H-town producer Mike D had plans to make beats and chase Grammys.

All that hard work pays off in Mike Jones' latest full-length, The Voice, which is busy keeping shelves hot  everywhere music is sold, ('cept maybe Wal Mart) right now.

Watch the whole interview below, and keep an eye out for part two, coming soon.