New Video: Just Kait, 'U Suck'

Now here is a girl who gets straight to the point. Born Kaitlyn DiBenedetto, she goes by, well, "Just Kait," and her the message in her new song is clear from the title alone: "U Suck."

Just Kait's just 17, but she looks and sounds like she broke free from The Runaways -- Joan Jett's 1970s all-girl rock band known for the explosive single, "Cherry Bomb" (Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are in the Runaways biopic, set for a 2010 release). The comparisons to Avril have already been made, but think outside the box a little (the box, in this case, being Hot Topic), as Just Kait's certainly styled similarly to early-days Avril (and yes, they both have stripey hair and a penchant for white tanks), but Just Kait's a little less "Sk8er Boi," a little more "I Love Rock N Roll."

Watch Just Kait's "U Suck," and listen for it on Parental Control. It does not, in fact, suck.

PS: I FINALLY figured out who Just Kait looks like: Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian) from Mean Girls! So glad I figured that out, because it was TOTALLY bothing me for a solid 20 minutes!