New Video: Major Lazer, 'Hold The Line'

Via mtvU:

Holy summer. Major Lazer has June, July and August on lock with Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do, his non-stop set of deep, nasty habanero riddims. Also, Major Lazer is a cartoon soldier (see photo at right).

I don't know how it took this long for the G.I. Joe PSA vibe to infiltrate the music world. The anti-booze/reggae-cop clip (watch it after the jump) was club-ready six years ago! But, as much as this dude may look like an extra on "Porkchop Sandwiches (NSFW)," Major Lazer's on a level all his own.

Masterminded by Mad Decent M.I.A. DJ/producers Diplo and Switch, the cartoon hero is the latest player in an explosive resurgence of Jamaican dancehall music. In case you're all "Bwah? What's a dancehall?" Dancehall is kinda like reggae and afrobeat's loose-lipped party animal little brother. Bob Marley and Fela Kuti meet Ali G. The rhythms are faster and hit harder. The vibe is darker and wilder. The Caribbean humidity is thicker.

The brand-new "Hold The Line" video is the ultimate marriage between summer heat, blinding banger beats, and Saturday morning cartoons. Major Lazer surfs through space, dodging explosions, punching thug face and busting Voltron vampire ass.

Do yourself a favor and click play. But before you do, JACK YA BASS, BWAH.

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