2009 MTV Movie Awards Music Moment: Eminem Takes Over!

Eminem ripped last night's show wide open with a medley that included "We Made You," and "Crack A Bottle," (which, come to think of it, was not the only "crack" that Eminem got into last night). Squinting ferociously out from under the brim of a low-slung baseball cap, Eminem dropped in on last night's MTV Movie Awards (before Brüno dropped in on him) to show the world just what a career relapse looks like.

Stuntin' out in front of a jumping brass band, the slimmed-down Shady (who announced his weight as 175) made it hard to believe he'd ever been gone. Watch his performance below, and catch an encore of Brüno's crotch-first crash-landing, after the jump!