+ So the big moment that everyone is talking about today is from last night's MTV Movie Awards, when Brüno flew down in what looked like a feathered jock strap and nearly sat on Eminem's face. Let's just say Em didn't wait around to see Zac Efron win for Best Male Performance. (MTV Movie Awards)

+ P.S. Megan Fox doesn't really give a s*** what you thought about her hairdo at the Movie Awards. Suck her Tweet! (US Magazine)

+ Golden Popcorn winner and resident it-girl Miley Cyrus just renewed her Hannah Montana contract for a fourth season with Disney. GIrl ain't no fool! Make that money, honey. (Pop Crunch)

+ Joss Stone is willing to pony up millions of dollars to be let go from her recording contract with label EMI. Add her name to the list of bands or musicians who have left the label since 2007, including the Rolling Stones and Radiohead. (NME)

+ Shy crooner Susan Boyle came in second on Britain's Got Talent, then promptly checked herself into the hospital for going a little exhausted from all the media attention. Get better, Susie. (ICYDK)

+ P!nk slammed Kanye West recently for showing up to a Stella McCartney fashion show wearing fur and talking about how he wished designers used more fur (all while the VP of PETA was sitting in earshot). Whups? (Bossip)