Who Would You Rather: '$5 Cover''s Ben Nichols or Wally?

The season finale of $5 Cover has finally arrived and it is a DOOZY. Not only is it the sexiest, most criminal episode ever, but it spotlights the chaotic love lives of Memphis's studliest leading men, Ben Nichols and Wally (aka Saki Manousakis).

Ben is the gravel-throated lead singer of Lucero, and he is the consummate bad boy. He's $5 Cover's Justin Bobby, if you will. Tattooed and unattainable, the Memphis heatmaker breaks hearts in every city he visits. Chief among those hearts is Clare Grant's, and it takes a serious beating in the season finale.

Wally is a floppy-haired sweetheart with a baby face and a magnetically easygoing disposition. Though he's clearly had his eye on Amy LaVere from day one, he's made the rounds among Memphis's smitten art set. In the season finale, an act of deviant heroism thrusts this creative videographer into the arms of his dream girl. It also gives him a chance to show off his kissing skills.

Watch the steamy season finale of $5 Cover, premiering tonight at midnight, and decide whether you'd rather shack up with bad boy Ben or puppy dog Wally!

+ Meet Ben Nichols in the $5 Cover: Amplified profile below!