New Video: RichGirl, 'He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)'

This "He Ain't Wit You Now (Tho)" clip is so off-the-charts summer stanknasty, we gotta do it backwards and roll it right now. Read more about RichGirl after the jump.

Hand-picked by Rich Harrison (the psychotically talented producer who gave Beyoncé that Midas touch), RichGirl is a musical powerhouse composed of Audra, Brave, Lyndriette and Seven. Not only do these ladies all have the same last name (i.e. no last name), they move like MJ and sing their asses off, too. On top of all that, they share an Atlanta apartment!

As you heard in the video above, all this adds up to some serious heat. Another major contributor to that heat is Harrison's blinding beat, built around a loop of mid-century Hungarian classical music, inspired by absurdist literature. Uhhh...

Now, I don't expect you to start tagging György Kurtág (the aforementioned baaad Hungarian) on all your binders, but I do expect that this jam is gonna bounce your ass all the way through summer before you even notice school's out. Get wise to RichGirl and brace yourself for more high-drama R&B out of these ATL all-stars, coming your way soon.