New Taking Back Sunday Photos!

(Credit: Brian Appio)

Aww. Doesn't Taking Back Sunday look like one big happy family in these brand-new exclusive MTV photos? And can you BELIEVE the wingspan on Mark O'Connell? Impressive! And doesn't Adam Lazzara seem like a proud, doting dad, just gazing into Matt's eyes like that? Can you handle all that sweetness? More importantly, can you handle the wait for New Again? (You're doing great! Not even a week left! It's out June 2nd! Patience is a virtue!) Can you handle more photos of Adam and his perfect hair? Because seriously, you guys had a lot of questions for Adam about his hair... Like a lot.

+ After the jump, check out brand-new MTV photos of Taking Back Sunday, watch their exclusive Buzzworthy fan Q&A interview (ANSWERED: Your questions about Adam's hair!), and see why Matt Rubano's position on prom is firmly thanks-but-no-thanks.