Breaking News: Passion Pit Living Large On A Barge

Passion Pit popped up as a Buzzworthy Obsession back in February, in a post that found the band performing with a children's choir. This time, in an equally Dr. Seussian turn, the band is playing on a boat (and, technically, in a moat).

An MTV News camera crew followed the Brooklyn synth-magicians into New York Harbor for their seafaring album premiere party, and cornered them in the galley (with little Sally) for a quick Q+A.

In another moment of literary inspiration, the band made a metaphor of their maiden voyage, comparing the choppy water of the Hudson River to all the complications they overcame to make their debut LP, Manners, a reality.

Click play below for a chat with the bookish band, accompanied by a whole lotta boat-rockin' indie (hop on) pop.

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