MTV Photo Exclusive: Evan Taubenfeld Snack Attack

(Credit: Gregg Delman)

Two weeks ago we learned that Evan Taubenfeld loves fruit. LOVES it (perhaps a trait he picked up from his Kosher caterer parents?). This week we find out what he looks like eating it. Unsurprisingly, he looks really, really good. And blonde.

Well... not exactly. As much as Avril Lavigne's former guitarist loves him some apples and bananas, he didn't have any on him when he dropped by the MTV photo studio. Nothin' a little Photoshop can't fix though, eh?

To help you get extra quadruple-stoked about Evan's new record, Blacklist Club, dropping this summer, here's a stunning photo set of E.T. looking his finest. Drop back on that last post to watch his video for "Boy Meets Girl."

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