Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Goes To Prom... With The Girls Of 'Flavor Of Love'

First of all, let's let a l'il tear drop for Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, who never got to go prom. Okay, now roll those tears back up inside your eyeballs and chew on this; Soulja Boy Tell 'Em probably never went to prom because he was too busy doing the Soulja Boy dance and making like a zillion dollars off ringtones and downloads -- "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" is the third most-downloaded song ever. That people have paid for. Paid MONEY for.

Fortunately, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's riches afford him many luxuries, like medallions the size of laptops, and the ability to take ALL of the girls of Flavor of Love to prom all the corsages money can buy.

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