Exclusive MTV Photos: Never Shout Never

(Credit: Brian Appio)

Christofer Drew, aka Never Shout Never, posted a new photo to his MySpace yesterday afternoon. That's less than 24 hours ago. At last count, the photo had accumulated 3,084 comments (I've had to go back and adjust that number three times since I started writing because it keeps going up). That's just plain mental.

In the photo, Drew stands barefoot on a stool, in a nautical tank top, with his decorated wings spread. He has a peace symbol tattooed on his left foot, but you already knew that. You know because Christofer Drew is a big deal. His Internet popularity is off the charts -- the 283,867 friends and 18,659,515 profile views he's amassed on MySpace have put him among the most buzzed-about bands of 2009. Oh, and his heart-breakingly charming songs don't hurt, either.

What you may not know, is that the MySpace photo that's generating all the comments came from an exclusive MTV shoot with our buddy Brian Appio. Something tells me you might be interested in seeing the rest of the set... Am I right? Why don't you go ahead and do that, and wash it down with a viewing of "Bigcitycreams" below!

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