Five Facts About Flo Rida's New Video, 'Sugar'

Flo Rida's new video "Sugar" -- the second single off his sophomore album, R.O.O.T.S. -- is finally out. You know it's sweet, you know it's sexy, and you know it takes place on a beach, but here are more five more facts you need to know about Flo Rida's addictive new cut.

1.) "Sugar" was shot on Miami's South Beach by director Shane Drake, who also shot "Elevator," as well as a seemingly unending list of other major videos, including Panic At The Disco's "Nine In The Afternoon" and Paramore's "Decode" video. But before "Sugar," Shane Drake directed another beach video -- Shwayze's "Corona and Lime video."

2.) At both the "Corona And Lime" video shoot and the "Sugar" video shoot, Shane Drake took off his shirt, establishing what's basically a pattern -- Shane Drake shoots a beach video, director Shane Drake takes off his shirt. Got that, ladies?

3.) The girl who sings the hook on "Sugar" is R&B singer-songwriter Wynter Gordon, who's written songs for Danity Kane and Mary J. Blige. *Bonus Style Fact: At around 0:11 into the video, Wynter's shown wearing a white enamel necklace by Lia Sophia. Other Lia Sophia fans include Miley Cyrus (she wore Lia Sophia bracelets on Good Morning America), Stephanie Pratt, Audrina Patridge, and Leven Rambin.

4.) Flo Rida samples the song "Blue (Da Ba Dee)," which was an unlikely hit in 1999 by Italian electro-pop band Eiffel 65. Despite the fact that the song was the audio equivalent of waterboarding, it became a #1 hit in 10 countries and earned a 2001 Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. Quite unfortunately, it was also covered by Crazy Frog, which never should've happened.

5.) While it's unclear if Flo Rida's a big Ian McCulloch fan, it's not a stretch to assume that Flo borrowed the line "lips like sugar" from the Echo & The Bunnymen hit of the same name.

+ Watch Flo Rida's "Sugar" video below, and after the jump, watch Echo & The Bunnymen's "Lips Like Sugar" video.