Buzzworthy Goes To Prom With... V Factory's Nathaniel And Nicky T

(Credit: Gregg Delman)

So far we know that V Factory's Wesley Quinn thought his prom was kinda just "meh" (despite a late-night pool party), and that the always in-demand Asher Book went to three different proms with three different girls.

Today, V Factory's Nathaniel and Nicky T are sharing their prom stories, and those prom stories involve a black silk tie, an all-white tux, an attempted kidnapping, a busted Holiday Inn, and Coolio.

Unsurprisingly, Nathaniel's prom night was a little blurry.

+ After the jump, watch Nathaniel and Nicky T share their prom memories, watch V Factory rehearse for a “Love Struck” performance, check out photos from their “Love Struck” video shoot, and get more celebrity prom stories.