New MTV Honor Society Photos!

(Credit: Brian Appio)

Deep DEEEEEEEP breaths, people. Inhale? Goooood. Hold it! Hooooollld! Now EXHALE! Run through the Honor Roll in your head... Ok. Now check out brand-new exclusive photos MTV of Honor Society shot in New York City by photographer Brian Appio (who also shot the Jonas Brothers the very first time they came to MTV in 2006... coincidentally, Honor Society is touring with the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 World Tour, if you haven't heard...)

True fact: Guns N' Roses was playing in the background during Honor Society's photo sesher.

Oh, want more photos of Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Alexander Noyes and Andrew Lee? Check them out after the jump, and get the entire Honor Society MTV photo gallery here. Plus, who wants to go to prom with Honor Society? You KNOW you do!

+ More Honor Society photos after the jump!