Who Would You Rather: Clare Grant Or Amy LaVere?

$5 Cover's two leading ladies (no offense, Kate Crowder, you're very cute) are smoking hotties on opposite ends of the spectrum. Memphis's leading men can't seem to decide which one to love, and so they often opt for both. You can imagine what a mess that gets to be!

Former Playboy model Clare Grant stirs up trouble everywhere she goes, and it's easy to see why (i.e. if you hate full-frontal nudity, definitely don't Google her!). The smoldering blonde is just crazy, dirty hot. Plain and simple.

Amy LaVere appeals to another side of the brain. Although her looks easily match Clare's, she's more subtle about showing them off. An easygoing girl-next-door, you can learn all you need to know about the natural beauty in one kind smile. She's also a super-talented musician with a seductively husky voice. Her alluring sensuality is on display in every soulful song.

So, what'll it be gentlemen? And you, ladies? Would you rather have the smokin' bad apple on your arm, or the sweet, Southern good ol' gal. If you had your pick of Clare Grant and Amy LaVere, which way would you go? Go beyond the headshots above and get to know Clare and Amy in the $5 Cover video profiles below.

Once your all-consuming crushes have set in, be sure to catch both Amy and Clare in action every week on $5 Cover! Stay tuned to Buzzworthy for a closer look at Memphis's leading men, coming soon.

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