Video Interview: Chrisette Michele

Your relationship is stupid! Get out of it! Break up now! This is NYC R&B babe Chrisette Michele's advice to you. In fact, the smoky-voiced chanteuse wrote an entire album on the subject of crappy relationships. She named it Epiphany, after the eureka moment when she realized that her man was ruining her life.

Wait a minute! Does that make Chrisette Michele's interview on "The 5" kind of like... A video dating profile?? It does! So, what kind of date would Chrisette Michele be?

For one thing, she wouldn't spill any food on her lap. She gives the impression in her tour stories of being VERY neat. Also, she'd have no trouble keeping you engaged in conversation -- although I hope you're a listener. Chrisette credits her ADHD with much of her musical success, because it allows her to do six things at one time. But something tells me that listening isn't on that list.

Finally, you know she's gonna look good. Decked out in Marc Jacobs, this lady knows how to get dressed, so, bustas need not apply. Did I say "finally" already? That was a lie. The real finally is that Chrisette Michele can sing that ass off. If I took her out, you better believe I wouldn't bother saying a word. I'd be happy just to listen. Or watch America's Next Top Model with her.

Check out Chrisette Michele on "The 5," see what happened when she went to prom, and watch "Epiphany" after the jump.