New Video: Cold War Kids, 'I've Seen Enough'

Honestly, I had my doubts about the new Cold War Kids video. They've been preparing us for "I've Seen Enough" for weeks around here, promising a new interactive format that nobody has seen before. I thought it sounded gimmicky. I was way wrong.

"I've Seen Enough" (which you may remember hearing during episodes of the current season of The Hills) is on the same level of curious, creative ambition as the very first music videos. It's an art project. And as much as Cold War Kids have put into it, you are responsible for the final brushstrokes. A fully customizable viewing experience, you can alternate between four different sounds for each musician, or choose to turn them off completely.

This means that the Los Angeles indie rockers put in four completely different performances. Straightforward rock, sleazy lounge jazz, mellow acoustic and mild punk. And amazingly, they all work. In fact, I've been listening to different versions of it all morning and I still like the song more each time.

Play around with "I've Seen Enough" for a while, come up with your ideal arrangement of players and share it in the comments below so we can all try out your mix. You can see my favorite combo so far in the photo above. Let's see yours!

+ Watch the exclusive MTVMusic premiere of Cold War Kids' "I've Seen Enough"