Vintage Video: KISS Unmasked On MTV!

During a unit on the '60s, my high school sociology teacher brought in a set of photographs that he'd taken at our school as a new teacher, 40 years before. Each one came with an exaggerated story about cigarettes in the bathroom, girls being sent home for going bra-less and the like.

The photo that made the biggest impression on the class was of a hulking weirdo in a flannel shirt and what looked like shop glasses. Despite his tough-looking shoulder-length hair, he was the biggest goon we'd ever seen.

But Mr. Lemon told a different story. Apparently this guy had been the biggest deal in his class by a long shot, and spent four years being chased by all the ladies. We were blown away. How could a few decades have changed people's taste SO much?

Well, check out this 26-year-old video, in which KISS -- one of the biggest bands of their time -- manage to stop all MTV programming and pull an exclusive segment, just by taking off their make-up for the first time. That was 1983. Amazing how fast things change, eh? Can you imagine such a thing making you scream? More importantly, can you imagine what your kids are gonna think when they get a look at Bill Kaulitz? WEIRD!

With no further ado, we open the MTV Vault and travel back in time with (deceased original VJ) J.J. Jackson, to see KISS, unmasked!