New Video: Cage, 'I Never Knew You'

Super-big-deal movie star Shia LaBeouf has been following the career of underground NYC rapper Cage for a long time. In fact, before he hit the big time, LaBeouf used to follow Cage, filming all of his performances, in hopes of one day turning the rhymer's tumultuous life into a movie.

Loaded with jagged ups and downs, Cage's childhood saw multiple suicide attempts, bouts with heroin addiction and institutionalization. But before the dark side of his life completely took hold, Cage discovered hip-hop. With music as an outlet, he channeled his troubles into something positive.

But positive does not necessarily mean sunny. In "I Never Knew You," LaBeouf's directorial debut, darkness is the main character. MTV News describes Cage's single this way: "This is angsty, downright unsettling hip-hop... the kind of intellectual, terrifying horror-core Eminem can only dream of making."

With enormous talent and LaBeouf on his side, Cage is well on his way to making a serious impact on hip-hop. And, although he claims to have no interest in directing full time, this may very well be the first step in a new creative journey for LaBeouf.

Watch as both artists flex their creative muscles in the riveting video for "I Never Knew You."

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