Video Interview: Blue October 'Get It All Out'

Call them emo all you want. Undefinable Houston rockers Blue October pride themselves on not holding anything back and could care less if you like it or not. "Get it all out," they say. That's the most important thing.

Just weeks after the release of their fifth studio album, Approaching Normal, Justin (vox, guitar) and Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin, mandolin, piano), C.B. Hudson (guitar), and Matt Noveskey (bass) came by the MTV studios to share five very important things about Blue October and their "bipolar art rock."

It was one stop among many on their endless tour, an experience which allows them to "wake up in a different city [every day] and see the world."

Find out what keeps Blue October going, day after day, in the exclusive MTV Buzzworthy interview below. And if you somehow haven't heard Blue October yet, watch their video for "Say It," after the jump.