Buzzworthy Sneak Peek: Method Man & Redman's Vegetarian Tips

(Credit: Tamar Anitai)

Method Man and Redman's Buzzworthy advice interview is coming up soon, but while we finish it up, I thought I'd share what Meth and Red had to say about living clean and staying in shape.

Now, for those of you wondering how you can look right and tight while you just sit there, blissfully sucking down your third bacon double cheeseburger, maybe you're not aware that Method Man and Redman live completely meat-free. Put this way, Method Man and Redman are to vegetarianism what, let's say, Kanye West is to being a total crybaby. So here are a few tips, courtesy of Method Man and Redman, for going vegetarian:

+ Hit up Whole Foods -- Method Man's a big proponent of the healthy chain's many ready-to-go offerings. Method Man was also quick to call out their fake-meat crumbles and veggie burger selections.

+ Go green: Method Man's all about edamame and emphasized its skin purifying qualities. (I had no idea!)

+ No McDonald's -- Redman's tip for losing weight. (Also a key to being a vegetarian, obviously. Though I hear their iced coffee's the jam.)

Method and Redman answered fitness questions, and Method revealed that Redman, at his absolute fittest, can do 200 pull-ups (!!!). Coming from someone who can't even fake that, like, dead-hang thing, that blew my mind.

Stay tuned for Method Man and Redman's full-length Buzzworthy advice video to get their expert opinions on office flirtation, pursuing shy dudes, quiche, the Mexican Jonas Brothers, and white people using the term "ballin'." (Spoiler: don't.) Now go listen to Blackout 2, and watch your back, Big Breakfast.