Buzzworthy Goes To Prom... With Chester French

(Credit: Brian Appio)

Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach -- AKA Chester French of "She Loves Everybody"/"Jimmy Choos," Pharrell, Kanye and Harvard fame -- shared their prom memories, and they're simultaneously the funniest and most depressingly unromantic prom tales probably in the entire history of prom-going.

With Chester French's prom tales, you get and unambiguous mix of:

+ Total and inexplicable nudity

+ A discussion of the economics of prom

+  An As Hard As They Come reference

+ Pinch-hitting for psycho boyfriends

+ Bow ties

+ Various Rachels

... Plus confusion on absolute grandiose levels, Abba, and ODB. In sum, Taking Back Sunday's Matt Rubano, who referred to the magical night as a "crapfest," and Chester French -- Maxwell Drummey especially, agreed.

+ Watch Chester French discuss prom after the jump, and get more celebrity prom stories.