New Video: Ace Hood, 'Overtime'

It's not football season, but Ace Hood's ready for some football, and let me tell you, people, "Overtime"'s not just about football. That's just a metaphor. A metaphor for total effing balls-to-the-wall hustling and not just sitting around on your ass and expecting those paper stacks to walk their way into your bank account while you sit around and play Xbox. (Unless you're already famous, in which case, you can totally sit around and play XBox while you accumulate bills.)

"Overtime" chronicles the unbridled, unfettered, hustle-'til-it-hurts grind and determination it takes to make the team -- whether it's JV or the pros. And if you're familiar with Ace Hood's own story, then you know that injury kept him from going pro, and fearless hustle got his music into DJ Khaled's hands. And the rest is history -- and the reason you're watching Ace Hood's latest video, starring Akon, a hatless T-Pain, and DJ Khaled. Directed by Gil Green (Lil Wayne's "Lollipop," Akon's "Beautiful" video), "Overtime" was shot at Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School in Hollywood, Florida and features some of the school's actual football players in the video.

Watch it. Do work.