$5 Cover Yourself! We're In Public: The Show's Most Shocking Moments!

In case you somehow still need more reasons to tune into the Internet's best new show, I've compiled $5 Cover's steamiest scenes to give you a taste of just how far director Craig Brewer is willing to push the envelope. Clearly we're too classy enough (right, Tila?!) to broadcast all-out porn, but the Hustle & Flow director so expertly wields the power of suggestion, that at times it's even hotter than the real thing.

1. A New Drummer: Bass Master

$5 Cover's very first scene catches blues whisperer Amy LaVere in the act, doing a fearsome sans-pants tango with her stand-up bass. Scene 1! Memphis doesn't waste any time.

2. A New Drummer: Bed-Hopping

Minutes after Amy's private band practice sesh comes to an end, we meet her buddy Clare Grant, who's also lost her pants. But Clare's not wrestling an instrument. She's rolling around with Amy's boyfriend. Well, that is, until Amy walks in.

3. Head Change: Clare & Present Danger

After a spirited parking lot pep talk, Memphis rap clown Muck Sticky and kinky Clare take to the stage with an act that includes semi-nude S&M antics. Blame it on the Memphis heat!

4. Memphis Drama: Valerie's Secret

Valerie June is as cool and mellow as $5 Cover characters come. The drawling, dreadlocked singer-songwriter provides frequent easygoing comic relief. But there's no relief from Valerie's breakfast attire in Episode 3, which leaves nothing to the imagination!

5: Things to come...

Believe it or not, $5 Cover's steamiest clips are still yet to come! The new episodes premiering on MTV every Friday include new lovers, a heartbreak, a heart attack and a very physical reunion between Clare Grant and Lucero singer Ben Nichols. If you think your heart rate's up for all that action, check out new episodes of $5 Cover, and get more behind-the-scenes looks at $5 Cover on the $5 Cover blog.