Looking For Advice? Just Ask Method Man And Redman!

Can't find love? Need job advice? Stock tips? Curious about your future? Health concerns plaguing? Wanna know how to break into acting? Where to hide a box of dollars? (Answer: Top of the fridge.) How to build long-lasting BFF relationships?

Forget Oprah. Eff Jim Cramer. That dude's a hack. Your parents? They know NOTHING! Which is why Method Man and Redman are coming to MTV to give you the advice you're probably looking for, even if you didn't know you needed advice.

METHOD MAN AND REDMAN are taking time out from their busy schedule of acting, touring, being in Wu-Tang (no big whoop!), engaging in recreational activities,  pimpin' deodorant, and, most importantly, promoting their "highly" anticipated new album, Blackout 2 -- it's produced by Rockwilder and living legends  Pete Rock and Erick Sermon, and it hits stores May 19 -- and they'll be coming to MTV next week to give you the good word.

So what kind of advice do you need? Wanna know what that clicking sound in your jaw is? Will she say "yes" if you pop the question? Leave your "burning" questions in the comments, and I'll ask Method and Redman when they're here next week.