Have You SEEN Joe Jonas In 'InStyle' Magazine?

Um, so, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is in the June issue of InStyle magazine (check out the photos on JustJared.com) and Lord, forgive me... I think I'm "Paranoid," because I think I feel a sin coming on. A multitude of sins, perhaps?

People of all ages, if you haven't talked to your parents about the birds and the bees, now would probably be an excellent time to do so, because, you guys, Joe Jonas jumped into a pool. In his tight black jeans and clingy, color-of-lust-and-fiery-peppers red shirt. And Joe Jonas forgot his towel. It's like Joe cut his hair and UNLEASHED THE BEAST. Crimes of passion have been committed in the name of lesser men. Like Daniel Craig, whom Joe Jonas listed as his celebrity crush. (Well played, you sly dog!) And kids, from the looks of these InStyle photos, Joe Jonas (who looked like this just three short years ago) is definitely all man.

If you need me, I'll be submerged in an icy pool until the June 16 release of Lines, Vines And Trying Times, not listening to Daniel Merriweather.

InStyle's June Sexy issue hits newsstands Friday, May 22. Rebecca Romin's on the cover, but it SHOULD'VE BEEN JOE JONAS!

PS: Are the Jonas Brothers going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone again this summer? I HOOOPE so! Just PLEASE, if they are, keep the photos LESS intense. I don't think my parents will even LET me hang these Joe Jonas photos on my wall, and they're hippies.