Video Interview: The Swag Ladies Of Unladylike Drop Some 'Dough'

Just because Gunna and Tee of Unladylike are blowing up without leaning too hard on sex appeal, don't think these Midwest mamis aren't sexy. They may take sports and XBox more seriously than they take stopping traffic, but that hasn't stopped the self-proclaimed "shoe heads" from lighting up clubs with "Show 'Em Off," a jam about handbags.

They found each other battling in a Southeast Illinois high school cafeteria and quickly decided they had to form a group. Unladylike set about making a name for themselves by picking up where strong female acts like Salt N' Pepa left off. It didn't take long. Their group got the green light from some New York City talent scouts, and Gunna and Tee quickly found themselves in Def Jam guru L.A. Reid's office, blowing minds with singles like "Dough" and "Bartender."

In the exclusive interview below, the ladies of Unladylike (who got their name from a friend who was shocked by their hardcore lyrics) reveal the sources of the passion that's put them where they are.

+ Watch Unladylike's "Bartender" video after the jump!