Buzzworthy Goes To Prom... With DAVID ARCHULETA!

The thought of going to prom with David Archuleta is so unbelievably, arrestingly adorable that it's probably best not to even entertain those dreamy Mcdreams, because it's just fertile ground for getting absolutely, Archudorably carried away.

I mean Archie -- who's never been to an actual prom but has been to a Senior Ball -- would wear the CUTEST tie and possibly something red (because David looks THE CUTEST in red, no? And purple! And scarves! Arghh!), and we'd maybe dance to "I Will Always Love You," or something by McFly, or Demi, or Pink, or Jason Mraz or we could even dance to his duet with Miley. Would that be weird? And OMG, Archie would ramble and be like "haha" all the time, and it'd be pretty much the best night ever.

But, since my big dream date with David Archuleta hasn't happened yet, I'll just have to settle for this prom interview with David. (Mentally, I'm substituting myself in every time I refer to "your date.") And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to water my corsage and brush my David Archuleta Build-A-Bear's hair. "Haha!"

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Buzzworthy: Who would you want to go to prom with and why?

David Archuleta: I'd want to take one of my best friends, who I know would have a good time no matter what we did. But she still knows how to make everything more fun than it actually even is haha.

Buzzworthy: Where would you take your date before and after prom?

David Archuleta: I'd want to find something really cool to do before I took her to dinner. I haven't really done my research though. Afterward, I think it'd be cool to go to a late-night boutiquey cafe kind of place, or just hang out at someone's house.

Buzzworthy: What would you wear if you were going to prom tonight?

David Archuleta: A tux, but not TOO fancy... I like keeping things simple haha.

Buzzworthy: What do you think is the ultimate slow-dance song for prom right now?

David Archuleta: "I'll Be," or maybe "The Way You Look Tonight." I don’t know, if you asked me tomorrow I'd probably have different songs in my head.