Selena Gomez Gets Overstyled In 'Teen Vogue'

So, this was Selena Gomez inside the June/July issue of Teen Vogue -- she's also on the cover -- until some stylist buried her under about 15 pounds of accessories. Selena's such a natural beauty that it's IMPOSSIBLE for her to NOT look gorgeous, but seriously? I'm counting at least four chunky necklaces, an army fanny pack (sorry "waist pack"), and some kind of surprise party sitch on her pretty little head. And at this point, I wouldn't be shocked if those parrots started out as headpieces too but managed to escape right as Patrick Demarchelier snapped this shot.

For the record, Selena is wearing necklaces by Pyrrha, Isaac Manevitz for Ben-Amun, and Gerard Yosca, an A. Kurtz waist pack, a Luella headpiece and top, and a Guess by Mariciano skirt. One more piece, and poor Selena would probably have tipped over.

How did NO ONE apply Coco Chanel's timeless advice to take one thing off before you leave the house? SOS! Save Our Selena! What are your thoughts on Selena Gomez in Teen Vogue?

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