$5 Cover: Spotlight On Clare Grant

Clare Grant may very well be the key to $5 Cover. She is at the root of every scandal, at the front of every concert, in the thick of every roller derby and in the back of every man in Memphis' mind (if not the front).

Although she's the only $5 Cover character who isn't in a band, she is Amy LaVere's roommate, Amy's drummer's bedmate, Muck Sticky's onstage eye candy, and Ben Nichols' (Lucero) love interest. That's a whole lotta weight for one gal to carry, but she carries it well. In a tube top no less.

Not an episode of $5 Cover goes by without Clare rearing her pretty head, but this week she's in the spotlight for the first time. Don't miss her eye-popping performance, tonight at midnight on MTV.com!

+ Also featured tonight, Two Way Radio's Kate Crowder