Video Interview: The Magical World Of Evan Taubenfeld

If you recognize Evan Taubenfeld, it's probably because he used to play guitar in Avril Lavigne's band. That, or you're already a member of The Blacklist Club, the family, army and movement that shares its name with his debut album, due out this summer.

The Baltimore artist with the bleached blond hair, who claims to be better looking than Brad Pitt, has already released his lead single, "Boy Meets Girl." In it, he describes his sound as "Twisted Sister meets Mr. Mister," and that's not so far off ("Motorhead meets The Grateful Dead in a game of Twister" is a harder sell). He combines Mr. Mister's pop ballad sentimentality with Twisted Sister's irreverent hard rock energy. Kinda like ... Avril? What's not to like?!

Last time Evan Taubenfeld appeared on Buzzworthy, it was because he popped up in The Academy Is... bassist Adam Siska's Twitter (by the way, that's @siskybusiness, and Evan Twitters at @evantaubenfeld) This time it's because he's about to blow up.

We sat down with Evan Taubenfeld and had him list off five crucial things for prospective fans to know about The Blacklist Club. Magic and fruit are among them. Click play below to get the whole scoop, and watch Evan's "Boy Meets Girl" video after the jump.