$5 Cover: Meet The Bands That Make Memphis Sweat

(Credit: Daniel Arnold)

After all the rhapsodizing we've done about $5 Cover around here, you must be itching to meet some of the Memphis musicians who inspired Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer to put the show together. If I've already lost you, refer back to the $5 Cover overview I posted Monday, and then swing back over here for a big ol' bucket of country-fried Memphis music.

The video playlist below includes the sexy folk-blues of Amy LaVere and Valerie June, Al Kapone's hardcore BBQ hip-hop, Harlan T. Bobo, Lucero (!!!) and Jack Oblivian's gruffly growled Americana, Snowglobe and Two Way Radio's charmingly unique pop and more. All of these performances are exclusive to $5 Cover, and each includes undeniable evidence that this show is a must.

+ $5 Cover premieres Friday, May 1 on MTV.com!