New Video: Mute Math, 'Spotlight'

Have you heard of Mute Math yet? They've been around about six years, pumping a steady gush of heady adrenaline into New Orleans' bloodstream with frantic layered rock songs. They were also on the soundtrack to a little vampire movie called Twilight. Maybe you've heard of it?

Made up of Paul Meany (Rhodes, bass, keytar, keys, samples, vocals, guitar), Darren King (drums, samples), Greg Hill (guitar, vocals) and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, upright bass, bass drum) -- that's four musicians playing a minimum of twelve instruments -- it doesn't take much math to understand how they come up with their uniquely ADHD-addled sound.

Equally glitchy and overstimulating is Mute Math's video for their new single, "Spotlight." Shot in double time in the back of a moving vehicle, and propelled by a manic clap-track, the in-your-face clip is the musical equivalent of a keg of espresso. Another thing to keep in mind: a previous Mute Math video, "Typical," got the band nominated for a Grammy! Better not miss this one... Watch "Spotlight" after the jump!