New Video: The Fray, 'Never Say Never'

Ace Norton, who directed the new Fray video, once said "Give me a bucket of blood and a camera and I'm good to go!" Hell of a motto. One that inspired Fangoria (America's horror magazine since 1979) to describe him as "Someone who truly fits the description of Terrifyingly Gnarly."

So, what is the dude who directed Aesop Rock's zombie-fied "Coffee" video doing behind the reins of The Fray's "Never Say Never," a plaintive piano ballad packing the following awww-inducing lyrics:

"You're the queen of everything/ As far as the eye can see/ Under your command/ I will be your guardian/ When all is crumbling/ Steady your hand."

Basically he's turning their next-gen Coldplay into a suburban apocalypse. Norton uses the fall out around a neighborhood disaster as a metaphor for falsetto-singing frontman Isaac Slade's aching heart. Sparks explode from crumpled cars as panic-stricken civilians sprint down smoke-filled streets among soldiers and cops.

Slade walks calmly through the carnage, ignoring the pouring rain and danger, looking for the woman (played by Gary Unmarried's Jaime King!) who brought his world crumbling down as he pleads with her, "Don't let me go!"

"Never Say Never" sounds super dramatic, right? Well, that's because it is.