New Video: All-American Rejects, 'The Wind Blows'

Oh, the lengths to which Tyson Ritter will go for your happiness... Months ago he stood on a Malibu beach, staring down the icy ocean water, knowing exactly how much it was gonna hurt to jump in.

The All-American Rejects' frontman used an airplane metaphor to describe the inevitable suffering, saying that he knew his "landing gear" was gonna come way up in that chilly water. "I might have ovaries by the end of the day," he joked. Had he seen this coming, the song may have been called "The Ocean Blows."

After watching the Rich Lee-directed (Fergie, Chamillionaire, Evanescence) video for "The Wind Blows," I can safely say that it was well worth the shrinkage. The video -- a hazy ocean-side romance, perfectly matches the song's melodic heartache. The band describes it as a "love story that doesn't end bad, it just ends." Kinda like their latest album, When The World Comes Down: a thrilling emotional rollercoaster that has to end, but does so on a positive note. Follow the Oklahoma boys down to the Malibu beach, and watch the dreamy video for their second When The World Comes Down single, "The Wind Blows."