Buzzworthy Obsession: Nipsey Hussle

Have you seen the (VERY, VERY NSFW) introductory video over at yet? Good lord. It has got to be just about the most wildly glorifying and insanely over-the-top "nice to meet you" clip I have ever seen in my whole damn life. And my friends, after watching, I am now officially and deeply SOLD on some Nipsey Hussle.

It opens with solemn words from The Game, who, as you know, is not a dude to be taken lightly. He describes the West Coast newcomer as a resurrection. "Feel like you lookin' at Dre and Dogg all over again," The Game trumpets, imagining himself in the role of the mentor.

Anyway. Nipsey Hussle, who takes his name from TV poet laureate Nipsey Russell, got his first big break when he jumped on The Game's LAX tour back in '08. After being taken under that inked-up wing, he put out a barrage of violent mixtapes (Bullets Ain't Got No Name, Volumes 1 and 2) that quickly got folks to shouting about Nipsey being the West Coast's new spokesman.

Obviously it was right about then that the East African transplant sold his Los Angeles clothing shop and got to full-time rapping. The new jack West Coast rhymer doles out unflinching hardcore realness, bringing more than just braids to back up The Game's highfalutin claims.

Now Nipsey is hard at work on South Central State Of Mind, his first original full-length featuring cameos by, guess who, Snoop and The Game. Second single "Roll The Windows Up," a '90s-style drop-top popper with the Slauson Boyz on the fills, is in circulation now. Have you heard it? Are you in on this resurrection s---? Get a look at Nipsey Hussle on Mixtape Monday below, watch his "Hussle In The House" clip after the jump and tell me you aren't sold.