Obligatory Earth Day Post: Nick Cannon Powers Down New York City

Usually celebrities turn on the lights of the Empire State Building. But just the morning, to honor Earth Day and Nickelodeon's Big Green Help, Nick Cannon (sorry, Jonas Brothers fans, this is about Nick Cannon, and not Nick Jonas) and everyone's favorite pineapple-dwelling, porous kitchen tool SpongeBob, took a field trip to the Empire State Building. Both Nick and SpongeBob pretended to turn OFF the lights atop the tallest building in New York. The lights on the Empire State Building will go off for-real for-real for 60 seconds tonight at 9pm.

Now everybody, make like Nelly Furtado and "Turn Off The Light." Or, listen to Lights in the dark. AND, walk to the mailbox instead of driving there! See, Earth-friendly is easy!