Hey Creepy Tokio Hotel Stalkers: Leave The Kaulitz Family Alone And Nobody Gets Hurt!

Holy Tokio Hotel fandom insanity. Numerous sources are reporting that Tom Kaulitz allegedly threw a lit cigarette at a girl at a gas station, and the girl then put out the cigarette on his car, prompting Tom to hit or punch her. And the whole incident was allegedly caught on camera, and NOT in the Tokio Hotel Caught On Camera way you all know and love.

Apparently the girl Tom Kaulitz allegedly punched is involved with a small group of French fans who call themselves "Les Afghans on Tour," who've stalked Bill and Tom Kaulitz and even attacked their mother.

There are still many unknowns and a lot of room for conjecture, but many Tokio Hotel fans are siding with and defending Tom, assuming that he snapped. My opinion: While it's true that artists do give up their privacy in exchange for fame (and stalking can be a really unfortunate and scary side of life in the public eye), true fans know that the best way you can show your love for an artist is to give them as much privacy and space as possible. No matter how badly you want to have their babies. These girls got the attention they're looking for. Now let's ignore them, please! And please, Tokio Hotel, if you don't already have it, get some SERIOUS 24/7 security. And some restraining orders.

Seriously, EVERYBODY just needs to chill the eff down and LEAVE TOKIO HOTEL ALONE, okay? No, punching people in the face is NOT cool no matter what. Yes, the entire thing is effed. What's also effed: The cheese slices (look below the jump) and the Hollywood Undead masks or whatever.

Seriously people, drop the keffiyehs and Scream masks (Scream the movie, not the Tokio Hotel album) and, in the words of Mary J. Blige, let's embrace a no-more-drama lifestyle when it comes to Tokio Hotel, shall we?

+ WTF-SERIOUSLY-cheese-on-steering-wheel pic below the jump.