Wonder Twins Activate! In The Form Of... Via Tania And Bat For Lashes

I've been super into Via Tania lately: the Chicago-by-way-of-Australia singer-songwriter just released her second album, Moon Sweet Moon, and it's full of dreamy-yet-substantial, bliss-and-wonder-filled tracks -- "The Beginning" is an absolute gem -- with some guilt-free disco thrown in to marvelous effect. Fans of Kate Nash, Feist, and even Kerli, start downloading.

But, most interestingly, it's obvious that Via Tania (born Tania Bowers) has been visiting Natasha Khan's Bat For Lashes School of Beauty, right down to the feathers and penchant for primary colors.

+ Watch Via Tania's "Wonder Stranger" video, and find out more about Bat For Lashes' new album, Two Suns.

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