The Buzz On: Amanda Blank

The name Amanda Blank may not immediately ring any bells in your head, but you know all of her friends. The foul-mouthed Philadelphia rapper who creates performance art as part of Sweetheart, frequently collaborates with the likes of Spank Rock, Diplo, M.I.A., Santigold and Ghostface Killah. Now, for the first time, she's striking out on her own, repping Philly with a set of club-clobbering dance singles.

Her debut album, I Love You, is due out on Downtown Records on July 19, but lusty leading single "Might Like You Better" has been fouling up the MySpace airwaves for ages. The chorus does not recall Romeo Void's 1980s classic "Never Say Never," from which the lines "I might like you better/ If we slept together" are borrowed, but instead rides a pounding beat to orgasmic euphoria. In other words, sex doesn't sell Amanda Blank. Amanda Blank sells sex. That sounds dirty and illegal, but so do her songs. And that means, among other things, that this ultra-stylish cheesesteak-city-spitter is about to be all up in your radar, not to mention your business. You don't mind, do you? Course not.