Buzzworthy Obsession: Band Of Skulls

It's all true. You saw it in the header. We are just obsessed with Band Of Skulls over here. Here's why: the Southampton U.K. rockers sound kinda like Blondie having a threesome with Flea and Tony Kiedis (no offense, Chad Smith and John Frusciante) in a White Stripes mosh pit. Whoa. Gross! Sorry! But no, for real, it sounds exactly like that, minus weird kissing noises.

Also heavily present in this snarling Brit rock snakepit is the steel-gargling spirit of Jimi Hendrix, adding a witchy wobble to the sunburnt Jack White guitar crunch. Or wait, do we owe that witchiness to Ms. Emma Richardson, whose throaty vocals make it easy to forget that she's holding the whole ramshackle rock show together on bass? In other words, holy s*** does she wail.

Can we also blame Emma for the album title, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey? Going only by the sound of her voice, I wouldn't be surprised if she was all four. Either way, that title tells me unequivocally that Band Of Skulls are some freewheeling badass joker punks. Right? These freaks are definitely in on Pete Doherty's mission to revive the careless f***-all attitude that Brit-rock lost when Oasis got "better than The Beatles." Listen. Get infected. Band Of Skulls.