New Video: David Cook, 'Come Back To Me'

I mean WHO? WHO? In their RIGHT OR LEFT MIND would LEAVE David Cook? SHAME ON YOU, Sarah Roemer, even though you're just PORTRAYING David Cook's lost love. Also, David, you are PHENOMENAL at playing piano in reverse and hailing a cab in the middle of the woods. (I can hardly get one in Times Square!) That takes SKILL! And, as always, David Cook, your soulful scruff is the picture of perfection!

Watch David Cook's visually arresting new video, "Come Back To Me," from his certified Platinum self-titled debut. The "Come Back To Me" video was shot at LAX airport -- Maroon 5 also shot their "Make Me Wonder" video there -- by Gavin Bowden (Lifehouse, Jason Mraz, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Plus, watch David Cook answer Buzzworthy fan questions!

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